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Playstation 4’s rough start. Bricked Consoles, Errors and Glitches.

PS3 Controller
Oh. You’re a naughty, naughty girl, PS4. Shame on you, but ah well, we’ve come to expect this sort of thing, after that whole Red Ring of Death fiasco, yes? You’d think though, after that who Red Ring of Death incident, Sony and Microsoft both would have been EXTRA careful this upcoming generation to make sure the consoles they’ve released actually, y’know.. Worked.

First and foremost, it would seem there’s rather weird problems with some PS4’s HDMI ports, where a piece of metal in the ports seems to block the cord from actually going in, as well, downloading the update for the system, that’s totally there day one, seems to just completely break some people’s units all together. Sony says it’s isolated and shit, but, IGN and a few other major gaming companies have experienced these problems in particular. Probably a little more common than Sony would lead us to believe.

Now, bricked consoles because of updates, and faulty ports are one thing. But some consoles are reportedly just.. dead, out of the box, dead. This would mean that Sony didn’t actually even test these things before they shipped them, OTHERWISE they would have realized. Oh, shit, look, these consoles over here don’t even turn on, we’d better not try to sell these to people. But no, that wasn’t the case.

Some minor problems persist, seems some consoles are missing half of their rubber feet, so, buyers are provided with a console that wobbles around like some drunk  com padre, but hey, you can totally stick pieces of paper under it to balance it. Or, you know, Sony could make sure the damn console had all its feet. Also, aside from the shoe-less PS4’s, some experience graphics card failures, causing their screens to flicker and the screen to basically just black-screen.

I suppose nowadays we expect this sort of thing from consoles. In the past, we didn’t, all we had to do was worry about dropping a decent amount of money on a console, and it would work. Widespread problems like the Ring of Death weren’t the case back in the days of the NES, or Playstation, and that was back when gaming wasn’t nearly as profitable as it is today. Of course, more complicated consoles certainly give more room for errors, so I suppose these instances can be forgiven somewhat, but at the same time, quality control should also be expected from such a big company.

Let’s just hope this isn’t a sign of things to come, and let’s hope these cases are really only one in a million instances. Though it’s a safe bet to just avoid picking up a Playstation 4 until it seems like bricked consoles and the like are no longer an issue. As well, we’ll have to be somewhat weary of the Xbox One, considering both consoles had very similar specs, and similar parts within them.

Until then, game on, if you can.

– Florida Gamers


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