Moba Talk: Dawngate

Dawngate is a pretty new game, developed by Waystone Games and published by EA. That’s right, it’s the fabled EA MOBA people have been talking about (mostly dreading) for a while.

I’ve been playing it for the last week or so every day and my opinion of it is that it falls somewhere between League of Legends and Heroes of the Storm (unfortunately the HotS comparison is speculation as I have not been able to play it yet). The gameplay is straightforward enough: 2 teams of 5 fight on a large map over various points and push waves of automatically spawning minions to destroy bindings (same thing as towers in DotA and League) and ultimately destroy the Guardian, ending the game. Don’t think destroying the Guardian is that easy though, it will shoot spells that in my experience REALLY WRECK PEOPLES SHIT.

What makes Dawngate really stand out from the rest of the MOBASs out there, though? Frankly, it’s not the most unique MOBA I’ve ever played, but it does everything it sets out to do so well, I’m pretty sure it will survive in the market. Gameplay wise, one of the first things a player will notice is that all the skills have no cost and rely simply on cooldowns (there are some characters with costs and various resources but not many). Itemization is also fairly streamlined, yet still complex, instead of having items that only an ADC or a caster can use, items work well on any character, really, depending on the character type. Take Power for example: Image


this is one of the most basic starting items, it will increase auto attack and spell damage on all characters that purchase it, but varies from character to character.

Through a game of Dawngate, you will also choose 3 spells from the spellbook, one at level 1, one at level 10, and one at level 20. These spells do a variety of different things, and all have very long cooldowns, but have massive impact on the game. The ones I’ve seen most often are: Blink (basically flash from league), Drain (Functions the same way as ignite, dealing damage over time and reducing healing, but also heals the caster), and Vanquish (Smite from league, almost identical), but there are several others that do much more useful things such as give a protective shield to your whole team or shoot a damaging bolt that slows for a short time.

Once I’ve had some more time to play and have played every character in the game, I’ll go into more detail about each one and my opinions of them, because characters really are the meat of every moba. Until then, hopefully this piqued your interest in the game.

A-also this is my first time writing for FLG. I-I hope senpai notices me and likes it…



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