What made the third generation of Pokémon so significant?

Pokémon is a sketchy topic for some people. Some people hail it as one of the most influential RPG series of gaming while others shrug it off as a kid’s game and focus on other games they would rather play. While I respect everyone’s opinion about the series as a whole, there is one thing I would like to discuss. Each new duo or trio of games in the series is a start of a new generation. Each generation ends when a new set of games hit the stores. Many fans argue about which generation is truly the best but the one I’m focusing on is one of the most significant of the whole franchise. The first “Gems Gen” or the third Generation is the topic I’m focusing on right now.

Double Battles. Every battle strategy up until Ruby and Sapphire was focused on one-on-one fights and the best moves to use to take out only one opponent at a time. When players met two trainers at one time, they were shocked to see that they would fight both at the same time. Double Battles made the way for brand new strategies because certain moves like Surf and Earthquake now could hit multiple targets. Many players were anxious to learn how to use this new battle style to their advantage. The Double Battle function became a staple for battles with friends and worldwide in later games.
Nature and Abilities. Before this generation, pretty much every type of Pokémon were not much different from each other. Now Pokémon had real human natures that can provide a nice stat boost and this opened a new door to breeders to play around until they got that nature they were looking for. Pokémon now had a chance to do things like lower attack at the start of the fight, cause status problems on contact, or avoid dreaded recoil damage with Abilities. Some Pokémon even had chances to have more than one Ability. While these features may not mean much to the average player, competitive Pokémon playing was now in its infancy stages.
Innovative side series games. Pokémon Colosseum was released to the Gamecube with a new look on the Pokémon franchise. An anti hero Wes who steals Pokémon and quits to find out the organization Cipher closed the door to the hearts of many Pokémon, making them killing machines known as Shadow Pokémon. At the time, this was a shock to many fans and while the game was initially criticized, over the years it has been praised for trying something new and taking huge risks. A sequel called Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness was released as well that fixed some of the problems and offered players to catch a special Lugia. These games are unique and were a huge part of the third generation.
Multiplayer. Ruby and Sapphire were released during the prime of the Gameboy Advance. Thus the popularity of the wired connector cable allowed for many battles to be taking place everywhere. During this gen, you couldn’t go out in public and not see friends all connected with their Gameboys battling each other. The wired connector allowed for another unique function, connecting to other games. Ruby and Sapphire could connect with Colosseum and XD to have battles in full 3D and trade Pokémon between the four games to help with Pokedex completion. While this feature is common now, at the time this was huge.
The Anime boomed. While the games were going strong, the anime fed off the popularity. The Anime spent 4 seasons showcasing Ash’s journey through Hoenn and showcased some of his best battles of the whole show up to this point. He conquered the famous Battle Frontier and starred in some of the more popular Pokémon movies such as Pokémon Heroes, Jirachi Wish Maker and Destiny Deoxys. Most fans agree the 4 seasons and movies were the last good seasons before it got boring.

Pokémon was everywhere during the third Generation. Every kid from elementary school to college would not shut up about it. The media showcased the show and movies while stores had merchandise flying off their shelves. The third generation was the prime of the Pokémon franchise. Ruby and Sapphire brought tons of new content, Colosseum and X D showed us the darker side, and the anime showed us Ash still had something to prove despite being 10. There was no internet battling in the third Generation but in terms of impact, I think the third Generation did more for the franchise as a whole and set the stage for further games by pushing new mechanics and innovation to the series. Some of the series most popular Pokémon come from the third Generation. Pokémon fans want remakes of Ruby and Sapphire for a reason. With everything that Ruby and Sapphire did and with 16 million copies sold to this date, I support this 100 percent.



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