So as my first piece of writing on this blog, I figured it would be appropriate to discuss my two favorite subjects: Videogames and Masturbation.  Both of these things bring me and a lot of other people immense joy and satisfaction.  Also, in most cases, they are one and the same thing!  Now you may be saying to yourself “Well, I sometimes masturbate while I play videogames,” to which anyone who overheard you would reply,  “What the fuck, dude?! I didn’t want to hear that!”

The reason I say they are the same is because of an argument I had on Facebook with a severely inferior mind who believes that League of Legends (LoL)  is the end all be all of gaming.  He attempted to make the point that Diablo III (I don’t care if you don’t like Diablo, it isnt the subject of this post)  is masturbation where LoL is not by virtue of its “skill based” ranking system (I use this term loosely only because it is what he used.  Since it’s a team based game, it is hard to rank individual skill) and its multiplayer.  He also stated that Diablo is just a grind, playing the same dungeons/ campaign over and over, that “has literally no point” where you don’t get better.  He also said there was no endgame, which I will just chalk up to naiveity. To this statement I replied with the following:


“What your saying is more akin to addiction than masturbation, with the end result being that someone is doing it just to do it, with no satisfaction or fun being had. The initial point of Diablo is to get you to play through all the acts and see the story and hopefully hit max level. For those who want to take the next step, there are harder difficulties which have higher drop rates for good items that get you to the next difficulty. Getting those items makes your character (who is an extension of you) better.”

“As you climb the difficulties, enemies hit harder, move better, and have more abilities. Even though you are playing the same maps/map over and over again, each situation changes and you are forced to adapt to the enemies’ abilities. When you/your team are confronted with an overwhelming obstacle, you may have to use your abilities in new ways and find  ways to synergize with others in your party. Overcoming said obstacle results in fun being had by all. Failing to overcome it results in wanting to get better so that the next time you encounter a similar obstacle you can beat and, hopefully, move on. Do you still believe there is a difference?”


Now I don’t claim to be a wordsmith, but I’m pretty sure I described both games at the same time in the last paragraph.  This thinking can be applied to just about any game.  No game is superior than the other in this fashion.  Whether you get better or your character gets better it is all masturbation.  Anyway, both of the things I just talked fall under the category of hobbies. Hobby: an activity done regularly in one’s leisure time for pleasure.  The english language had this argument won before we had even brought it up. So this entire post  is pointless.  HOORAY!



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  1. segastar1

    Nice job!

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