Time Travel with a Blue Hedgehog and stuff

Sonic the Hedgehog is an amazing series. The hyper active hedgehog has stood against the great Mario in a bitter rivalry that defined a whole decade. In the modern days, Sonic took a break and finally realized trying to go against Mario was too much for him. During his run over the past 23 years, he has been seen in a variety of different genres of games, some of which deal with the bitter subject of time travel.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 is the game everyone knows for being bad at handling time travel due to its many and open holes that cannot fit into the established timeline set by other games in the series as a whole. Shadow the Hedgehog suffers this same problem. But the one game I feel did Time Travel right was Sonic CD.

Sonic CD follows a simple time travel rules. If you go back to the past and change things, the future will change for better or worst depending on many factors. If Sonic can travel to the past and destroy a robot generator, the future he creates will be good with no enemies and thus saving the world from Eggman. The same can be said if Sonic goes to the past but does not destroy the robot generator; the future he creates is the bad future where the robots were never stopped. This golden rule of time travel has been seen in many forms of media from books to movies.

Why do I bring up time travel? Time travel can be used to create a unique story and development when implemented correctly. Sonic CD gives the player complete control of how you play the game, do you go the normal route through the present to just finish the game, or do you go into the past to fix everything or collect the mystical stones to guarantee the good future.
Sonic CD benefits from a simple idea and a storyline that makes it easy to get into and provides a deeper gameplay experience. What would the Legend of Zelda, Majora’s Mask be without the option of travelling back in time? Would Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure be the classic it’s known to be if time travel was nonexistent? Sonic CD was considered an odd entry into the Sonic series upon release but now it’s seen as a classic for it’s unique twist to Sonic’s core gameplay mechanics.


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