Oh my god I need a break (BBCP talk)

I’ve been studying for my early history of math class about 12 hours a day for the past three days. My head is pounding and I just ran out of caffeine.

So yeah! Blazblue released last Tuesday in America, and will be releasing tomorrow to PSN! For anyone who’s been following me at all, you know that I’ve been playing it since October when it came out in Japan. Love me some importing stuff.

Even more of you will remember how much shit I talk about this game. I’ve never really been on completely firm footing with Blazblue; it’s an anime game, and a fun one at that, but between its issues with balance and rather straightforward approach to a variety of different aspects that I’m used to a little more complexity in, it was sort of one of those “aim high, hit low” games for me.

Enough about my issues with the game. If you really need to learn about my issues about this game, just…read like 80% of my posts on DWR.

Let’s talk characters! The cast of Blazblue has been expanded with 7 new characters, and almost everyone from the older games have been completely rebalanced (not always for the best). I have no idea what the story is about because my copy’s in Japanese, so I have no idea what their personalities are like, sans “Kagura’s a pervert,” and “Terumi’s like Hazama mixed with Kingdom Hearts villain.”

In this entry, I’ll run through the new characters, and then break down the older characters at a later date.

  • Terumi: What is there to say about Terumi? I’m assuming that he’s just the crazy power-overwhelming version of Hazama in the storyline (akin to Hakumen to Jin and Izayoi to Tsubaki), but he’s one of the only characters I’m like 90% confident I can beat. His entire gimmick is that he can steal meter with his drive moves, and his combos with meter are REALLY damaging. His overdrive combos seem to be “oh I should super during this oh I can link supers one more yeah one more cool”
    His weakness lies in his mixup. With very little mobility options to speak of, and maybe two extremely telegraphed highs, he’s one of the most easily blocked characters I can think of. His wakeup game is also extremely weak, where his only DP costs 50 meter and will lose to clashes (so, like Ragna’s Inferno Divider; if they clash, Ragna can do Inferno Divider again and beat the super outright).
    He’s a fun character with a lot of stylish combos, but ultimately, until the upcoming patch, he’ll be pretty bad. He’s getting new supers and they’re adjusting hitboxes. Very high-risk, high-reward, and good for anyone who hasn’t gotten through puberty yet and still thinks that Kingdom Hearts villains are cool.
  • Izayoi: Now, this is a character that I have constant struggles against, mostly because there are those Izayoi players that eat, drink, sleep and sweat Izayoi (waifu powers activate!), and they make her look DUMB. They pop gain arts and you’re like, “welp, here comes this ride. I’m not ready for it,” and the worst part is, it’s not based on time like Aigis’ Orgia mode.
    And then you have the bad ones. Lemme explain why the bad ones are so bad as quickly as possible: recovery frames.
    Izayoi has REALLY bad recovery frames on a lot of her moves, making her extremely easy to punish, and even still, the moves outside of Gain Arts don’t do a whole lot of damage. Her projectiles are kind of annoying, but depending on who you play, they’re slow enough to be turned against her (during the recovery of it, I can set out two steins, Ragna can run midscreen and Gauntlet Hades, Azreal can set up a perfectly safe Growler, etc.).
    But still, you talk about style? Her gain arts has teleports, so essentially, if she catches you on counter hit, she ground-slides you, teleports behind you and knocks you up into the air, and then essentially calls herself in 5 times for a fucking TAC combo a la Marvel before Braver-ing you a la FF7 for like 7k damage. It is horrifying and happens to me like four separate times. Celia in BBCP? This is an awful idea.
    Overall, she’s a fun character, but not one that I’m particularly intimidated by. The patch may see her play a lot more like Aigis, and I might pick her up. We’ll see what happens.
  • Brokonoe: If you haven’t heard about Kokonoe yet, count your stars. She’s probably the most top-tier character in anime, and probably the second most-busted character in fighting game history. I play the only character she has an “even matchup” with.
    She has tools to lock down your mobility, ambiguous-as-hell mixups, and a frame-perfect loop in the corner that essentially means “you block for the rest of the match.” So far, the only way they’ve found to beat it is to instant block until you have 50 meter. She also has a 5k combo that yields 50 meter and has full-corner carry, and then a 7k followup combo that uses that 50 meter, and is unblockable for almost everyone in the cast (I say “almost everyone,” knowing that there’s someone out there who can, but I don’t know who).
    She has no weaknesses. She has two teleports that are invulnerable on the first three frames, and superball oh god superball
    If you want to win money, play Kokonoe until the patch. They’re reducing her combo-ability by not letting her do “activation,” yada yada yada.
  • Bullet: If you remember Makoto from any other game besides the one she was broke to fuck in, you’d remember how horrible she was. Rumors that she was getting buffed circulated and people got excited, but then Mori heard and intervened.
    “No buffs for that little underboob harlot! Put them in her breasts where you can, and then make a new character!”
    That new character was Bullet, who looks like she’d play like Zenia with command throws but, in fact, doesn’t at all. Her main gimmick is her drive, which pops a circle around her, and if the enemy is in that circle, then she’ll home in and try to touch their butts. Perfectly blockable, punishable under certain instances, and she can choose high, low, or medium. They usually link into combos which can link into oki setups or command throw supers.
    If that last paragraph bored you to holy fuck, that’s exactly how I feel while playing her.
    She’s too easy for me; her mixup is her drive, and the high is just telegraphed enough where you don’t need to block high until you see it. After about a month of playing online, I’ve ran into about 3,000 of them, so it might just be that I got really good at the matchup, but I’m more confident against Bullets than I am against Terumis. I don’t even know what the patch is doing to her, because I just zone out while reading the changes and wind up reading Rachel’s or something.
  • Kagura: enter the suave-ass pervert who walks like a pimp sans cane and has a constant smirk on his face like he’s getting serviced. He’s actually one of my worst matchups but it’s not because he’s particularly good; I’m a projectile character and he has a lot of projectile-invincible moves. Ass.
    He’s BBCP’s charge character, with a flash-kick and a coup de grace a la Mitsuru (but it’s not charge, for whatever reason). His drive has three (?) separate stances, all of which have separate moves attached to them, and he can do them in the air. His oki setup is retardedly good, and there’s a high chance that once he gets in on you, you won’t get him out. DP? That’s cute. My flash-kick is better than your DP. Crossup? That’s cute. Flash-kick. Uguu~
    He also does a LOT of damage, and his moves are extremely hard to punish because the amount of pushback they have on block. His supers also complement his skillset very well.
    His issue (as many issues lie) is in mobility and what to do against patient people. His jump-in, j.C, can be baited by backdashes and butts can be touched. His startup on his moves are all fairly long so you know what’s coming, and they’re fairly simple to block. He’s great if your opponent has no idea what they’re doing, but very quickly falls off when they begin to see how their characters’ mechanics can work against yours. Just bait shit out. Everything. I bait out the flash-kicks into supers and laugh heartily.
  • Amane: if you ask me who the worst character in the game is, I’ll tell you Izayoi, because I consistently forget that Makoto and Amane exist. Amane is a gimmick character with very little honesty, and they don’t try to cover that fact up at all. You have to barrier block his drills or else they do a lot of chip, but once you know where his drills will land, stay out of their effective ranges and his damage drops drastically. He’s a fun character, but I can’t even get the motivation to write much more on him. He has a resource bar that goes up to level 3, and it does damage the higher it is, but if you charge it too much, you’ll overheat and be unable to use your drills for the next like 8 seconds.
    He does have the coolest Astral Finish in the game. He reverts his opponent back to a younger version of themselves, and if you haven’t seen them, you should go Youtube it. Watch specifically for Hakumen, because it’s hilarious.
  • Azreal: Azreal is everything in a character that I expected TTGL to be about. Manly as fuck, has several supers that equate to him elbowing/punching you in the fucking throat for dumb amounts of damage, and stoic as fuck. He’s obsessed with his own power and doesn’t fight with a weapon, because drills are for bitch-nigga transvestites and giant robots are for wannabe nekomimi. Yeah, I said it. TTGL is for nerds.
    Azreal is, seriously, my worst matchup. My friend, Adonis, plays Azreal, and to quote, “Azreal does REAL GROWN-ASS MAN damage.” He has a really weird mobility style and teleports around, but what’s really hidden about him is that if you jump-cancel his teleport, it still carries momentum, so if he really wants to get in that ass, he’s going to and there’s nothing you can do about it. Then the mixup happens, and then Love Phantom happens. If you haven’t seen that video, you owe it to yourself to watch it. That is my favorite BBCP story so far, because Tager pauses it, Azreal puts his stick down and starts singing Love Phantom, and his friends rush the stage and break out into dance. It is the most hilarious.
    Regardless, his resource is his “weakpoint” system; after hitting you with different moves, it applies a weakpoint, which affect moves differently; his drives will typically allow you to follow up on the hit into HUGE damage, and his super, Black Rock Shooter (I actually think it’s Black Rock Stinger, but I mean c’mon we’re all anime here) becomes unblockable if you block it towards where that weakpoint is pointing (thus, if you have both weakpoints, it’s completely unblockable).
    He looks like hella fun, but I can’t play him because I don’t want Adonis to school me.

That officially wraps up the new characters!




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