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Mega Man 2 Composer Takashi Tateishi Is Officially On Board For Mighty No. 9


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mighty 9

The Mighty No.9 Kickstarter page has just posted that acclaimed Mega Man 2 composer Takashi Tateishi will be composing the score to the highly anticipated Mighty No. 9 Tateishi joins Mega Man 1 composer Matsumae and Inti Creates’ action-music veteran Yamada. There can be no doubt that the soundtrack to this game will be incredible. Mighty No. 9 has already raised a staggering $2,892,665 and we will keep you updated with future news.

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I’m sure this will go down in history as the post most negatively regarded by my peers

Let’s talk Grand Theft Auto 5 for a bit. I bought it yesterday, got drunk, played Disney Infinity (which is a BLAST, by the way. My girlfriend, her sister and I collaborated on a racetrack that would eventually be comparable to Rainbow Road just with some really awful traps (a sideways speed bump that stops you dead in your tracks, a vacuum cannon-like thing that fires you not only off the track, but into spikes, et al.)), went home, got more drunk, and started playing GTA5 for the first time.

GTA5 is fun. I had a good time with it, be it the silliness that the series brings that everyone sort of forgot about when Saints Row the Third came out (and I’m not discussing that today, because every time I remember what they did to that game, I get angry and want to take it out on the people in my apartment who bought it I’M SORRY ROOMMATES), or be it the crazy antics that you can get into, or even the small details. There’s a lot of thought that went into the game.

The game’s city looks like it was both planned and unplanned; parts of the city are lined with huge skyscrapers while others are affected by urban sprawl, and you can tell. Passing pedestrians interact differently depending on where you are, and who you’re playing. Helicopters and airplanes pass overhead and their shadows cast on the ground, even if they aren’t part of the mission (which scared the SHIT out of me the first time).

Aside from the fact that I can’t play a woman, the main issue that I have is that the scripting seems almost like they wrote the basic script (which is decent), went back and revised it by placing every adjectiveless noun with an adjective (read: “fucking”), and substituted every period with “, shit.” I was drunk, so I don’t remember any examples, and my roommates are watching Magi, and I really don’t feel like setting up my TV, but I do remember thinking…”

It’s not about the parents and their kids. It’s about how much time they’re wasting by adding 9 syllables per sentence with empty words.”
For comparison,
“Nigga, it’s not about the fuckin’ parents and their fucking kids. It’s fuckin’ about how much fuckin’ time they’re wasting by fuckin’ adding 9 fucking syllables per fucking sentence with empty fucking words, shit.”

I could submit that second sentence and they’d add it in the game somewhere, because it fits in with the writing of every character I’ve encountered so far.

Is the scripting immersive? Very much so. The voice acting is well-done, and the dialogue is really funny (so far, my favorite is the car dealer guy’s sales pitch, “oh, you’re a racist! It’s the color of my skin, you think I’m Arab, don’t you?!”). Everything about the game is great, but I’ll be damned if I have to listen to a guy for 40 seconds just to hear how he wants to bang my aunt, before I retort. Holy balls.

Because I know that everyone else has heard about it, I won’t actually mention children and that whole argument. I don’t want kids and never plan on having them, and I’m an old-ass man now, so I can play whatever I want, mom. TIME TO BOOT UP LOVEDEATH FINAL YEAH


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Introduction, and a Primer on Fighters


Howdy! I’m Travis (and amongst certain circles, DrunkAigis). Typically, I’ll be writing about anime fighting games or super-elitist posts concerning Final Fantasy 14 A Realm Reborn 2013 Edition or god knows what else. I’m a local, small-time tournament organizer and I compete on an amateur-level (I guess a little less than “amateur,” but nothing grandiose–no EVO titles for me, haha). MOBAs are another of my favorite pastimes, but it’s probably my least favorite to bring up because everyone dickrides their favorite game without realizing THEY’RE ALL THE SAME FUCKING GAME FRANK

So, why fighting games?

Fighting games are, for the most part, one-on-one competitions between two players in an attempt to best each other empirically through skill. To be overt, they’re fast-paced strategy games where both players have a puzzle to solve, and once the puzzle is solved, mechanical skill is tested. Mathematical bases are brought into the equation through different optimization of combos, and hours–if not days–are poured into training mode, perfecting these combos before moving on to doing them off of any little hit confirm.

To be real for a sec’, though, it’s just a giant mash-fest, and everyone knows it. Hah. Jokes.

But, moreover, the fighting genre differs from most other genres on a basis that is often overlooked–socioeconomically.

In the nineties, those who were blessed with the possibility of one received an NES (or SNES, or Sega Genesis, or whatever), which gave rise to the general interest in video games as a medium. However, when you take into consideration of the upfront cost of a console (which is roughly equatable to more costly than now (especially when you consider that now they’re a much larger staple in our culture)), many families couldn’t drop that much money in such a small amount of time. Sure, you had layaway, and saving up all year for major holidays or birthdays, but there had to be an alternative.

Enter: Street Fighter. An arcade game that, for one credit, you could test your mettle and mechanical prowess against a computer-player. Valid, small investments over time would eventually yield the same amount of money (and maybe even more), however, people could, say, save lunch money to play after school or the like. When the interest in the game exploded (particularly in lower-class areas), Capcom decided to revamp it to pit two players against each other, in a game that would revolutionize video gaming as we knew it.

This, coincidentally, also explains why so many ethnic people play fighting games, as opposed to wonder-bread males. Arcades thrived on lower-income areas. Nowadays, if you want to see diversity in a video game genre, look no further than fighting games (or maybe League of Legends, but eSports, man, eSports). However, fighting games throughout the years eventually made a huge crash-landing onto consoles, but it took an entire decade and a half.

2008 was a huge year for fighting games. Years had flown by with fighting games being some small niche that was grossly unwelcoming to new players because of skill-gaps, or games were an entirely different beast to get ahold of (an example being Street Fighter: Third Strike, which was woefully hard to find in stores), until Blazblue and Street Fighter 4–two console-release, netplay-capable games that would draw the old audience, but also an entirely new audience after being so accessible after all those years. On a related note, it’s now a bit of a slur to call someone a “2009-kid,” akin to “newbie” or “scrub.”

Nowadays, the genre is seeing huge competitions worldwide, and long-time lingo is now proliferating into other genres (even if it is incorrectly–I recently saw a video where a Modern Warfare shoutcaster called someone salty because he was doing well (probably the largest butcher of the definition I’ve ever seen)). We’re currently approaching the crux of the next step in the Renaissance, with Blazblue Chrono Phantasma, Ultra Street Fighter 4, Under Night: in-Birth, some stupid waifu game that everyone’s excited about that I hope flops harder than Aquapazza, and Guilty Gear Xrd (a series long-dug into the history of fighting games, but that’s a story for a different time).

I feel like it should be mentioned that I know I’ve excluded most 3D-fighters. I’ll get around to talking about those, but I can’t play them because of motion-sickness. BASED ILLNESS SIPPING FROM YOUR CUP TILL IT RUNNETH OVER

Or something.

Stay tuned as I talk more about anime games and weeab out about waifus and all sorts of other goodness!

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Prehistoric Update: The Fossils from X and Y and additional news

Hello again everyone, Arondite here. One main trend in Pokémonthat has never changed is the appearance of Fossil Pokemon.  Usually you would receive a fossil from a person in game and take it to a lab or museum to get it revived into a level 5 Pokémon, usually Rock and another typing.  Usually each region gets two fossils, one for each respective game. X and Y have now released the evolutions for these new Pokémon.  Let’s dig in guys!tyrunttyrantrum 

Meet Tyrunt, the Royal Heir and its evolved form Tyrantrum, the Despot. These are clearly T-Rex Pokémon and seem to have a tyrant nature since T-Rex’s were kings of their domain. Both of these Pokemon will have a Rock/Dragon type and the ability Strong Jaws which boosts moves like Bite or Crunch…perhaps even Fanged moves as well? I think Game Freak wanted a Fairy-killer for the game and this might be it with the Rock typing and all. Only time will tell. These looks like fairly hard hitters but maybe a bit fragile as well. Maybe they have what it takes to make it into the Overused or Uber tier. I can’t wait to find out.

amaura amauraevo

This Pokémon is adorable. I want it. NEEEEEED IT. *Coughs* Ahem, anyway this is Amaura and Aurous and they are both classified as the Tundra Pokemon. The first thing that popped into my mind was Nessie. I’m not a dinosaur expert but it looks like a plesiosaur to me. I know for sure that this will be my main water type from now on, what about you guys? Anyway, they both come with the ability Refrigerate. That move turns all Normal moves into Ice. Tackle? Ice. Headbutt? Ice. Well ok then! That could be a very power ability since Normal moves….eh not so crazy. They could be a hindrance as well to the wrong typing but I’ll worry about that later when I’m hyper beaming a Garchomp to the neck. Along with that ability they also get a new move: Freeze Dry. Anyone remember Scald? How it burns a Pokémon but it was a water move? This is similar. Freeze Dry not only has the chance to freeze you but it’s super effective to Water-type Pokémon. That’s pretty awesome in my book.

You can gain these Pokemon by either getting the Jaw or Sail Fossil for Tyrunt or Amaura respectively. Here is a poll to encourage getting people more active in the site. It’s a simple choice: Which would you want when you buy this game?

Anyway, some quick news I’ll cover before a detailed post in the future. Regarding Pokémon the Series:XY, Ash will journey to the Kalos region to do what he always does. Watching the Trailer, the graphics seem different and the characters seem more diverse. This time we get a different twist on a Heroine. Meet Serena.


She actually knows Ash from childhood. As in, she met Ash when he was a kid. That’s a refreshing change from “Hi! Oh crap, I torched your bike/just ran into you, wanna join me on my journey?”.  Maybe now we can see some more fleshed out information on Ash/Satoshi and just maybe more on what he was like as a child. On his journey he is joined by Clemont and his Bonnie. It’s clear that Clemont is a Gym Leader but which one and what type? It’s clear that his sister has a Dedenne but does this confirm him as an Electric Gym leader? And this


There’s Bonnie, trying to find her brother a wife but see that backpack he’s wearing? That contains an Aipom arm. It allows him to grab things like an Aipom so maybe a Normal-type gym leader? We’ve had both in the previous region so only time will tell.

That’s all for now folks! GEEEEET VOTING!


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Innovation in the Pokemon World: The X and Y Frontier

A review by Geoffrey Saotome

Kanto. Johto. Hoenn. Sinnoh. Unova….and Unova 2 cause that’s pretty much what it was. We know of these regions and the games they represent no matter what our age. Pokémon is an evolving franchise with many diverse categories, from the television show and movies to the video games we all know and love. Whether you love the Mystery Dungeon fan or an aspiring Pokémon Ranger this series has something just for you. October 12th marks a historic date in history regarding this fantastic RPG series: a worldwide release of a Pokémon game, Pokémon X and Pokémon Y. This is a first for any Pokémon game as well as the first for the RPG part of the game. This new game takes place in Kalos, a region that resembles more or less Europe, Eiffel Tower and all. Now what exactly is new about this game to make it so different? Is it because the name of the game used letters instead of gem-stones or colors? Is it because it is 3DS only?

Well that’s why I’m here. Unless you  have been following this game closely, you may not notice some of the big changes as well as the little ones. I’m going to point out some of the most important things that have been released so far.  A thing to point out before I do. See these two Pokémon here?


These are the two main mascots for X and Y. Representing the X and Y horizontal planes. Basic maths…or geometry…or something. Anyway, it has been announced that a third legendary will make up the trio: a Snake. Sound like any letter of the alphabet? Not it’s not S. Z. X, Y and Z. Z making up the 3D plane. 3DS? Anyone? Man I’m all alone here. Anyway, let’s get started

1. The Customization Feature.

When I get a new computer, I like to fix it up so it feels comfy. I mess with my phone so it feels like I’ve had it for months. Pokémon has now brought this feature in. From Gen 1 your name was what set you apart. Gen 2 was the introduction of Females in the game. Gen 3 was Mail. Gens 4-5 changed a bit from being able to send messages, a motto on your trainer card, even being able to enter an online battle as a NPC of your choice (Ranger all day, baby). But what did Gen 6 bring to mix? Full customization. Shirts, shoes, hats, even skin color. You start out with two Caucasian choices and a tanned choice as well.  Diiiiversity! On top of that there seems to be many clothing options as well. Now you have a massive jump in customization. You can put yourself into the game. That’s pretty nifty if you asked me.

2. The Fairy type

No butterfly wings? I am disappoint. :(

No butterfly wings? I am disappoint 😦

It’s been so long since we got a new type. Last types we got were Steel and Dark. Why? To combat the hellish legions of the sweeping psychic Pokémon. Steels brought in resistance while Darks dealt the damage. With the splitting of the stats even further between generations, Dragons have become increasingly powerful with their sweeping and revenge killing capabilities. Looking at you Garchomp. Either way, it was pretty hard to get a Dargon early in the game unless you traded or hacked the game and they were a pain to trade but if you were lucky then the game would be a breeze. Competitively most of the dragons were in the OU and even in the Uber category. Who didn’t use Rayquaza to kill the Elite 4 in Emerald? Don’t lie, most of you did. Well Game Freak said screw it and boom, Fairies. New Pokémon as well as old Pokémon got this typing. Even a new Eeveelution, Sylveon.  Gardevoir, Mawile, and Marill gained this as a second typing.  The new legendary Xerneas is also a Fairy type. The dragon killing deer. But this was a substantial change for the game mechanics and it could greatly impact the metagame . Fairy also does 2x Damage to Fighting and Dark but take damage from Poison and Steel….that’s a good set if I say so myself.

3. Pokémon-Amie



How precious are your Pokémon to you. From giving them haircuts, entering contests, even putting them in sports but now you can get up close and personal with them by grooming and feeding them. How does this matter in the game? Well you get bonuses. Critical hits go through or maybe your Pokémon will dodge more attacks with a boosted evasion rate. Wow, this is just amazing. Being able to get up close and personal with your Pokémon like they were right there with you. Adds the amount of caring you have to your hard trained Pokémon. This feature just seems so much more interactive and while some may see it as a useless gimmick, please refer to the fact that it has bonuses in battle. Plus the fact that you can access it pretty much anywhere seems like a good deal. No need for the Amity Square or berries to get your Pokemon to warm up to you.

4. Mega Evolutions

"It's morphin' time!"

“It’s morphin’ time!”

“And this…is to go further beyond!!!!” Words spoken by the great Son Goku, what would happen if we took evolution from stage one or two…and pushed further? This is what you get. Mega Evolutions of some of the greatest and badass Pokémon that have walked the earth. How do you do this you ask? Easily simple really. The corresponding Pokémon must have their specific stone. Lucario needs the Lucarionite while Blaziken…yeah you get the point. Then you need the Mega Ring  and Key Stone which basically initiates a Power Rangers like sequence. You pour all of your feeling in and push your Pokémon past their limits to before MEGA! Now there are draw backs to this. First off, the –nite they are hold is the only item they can hold so be careful of your strategy. Next, everybody gets one. One per battle. So choose which Pokémon will be your game changer and hope for the best!


As a side note? Look at this thing. This thing has its rape face on and is ready to tear your Pokémon in half. This thing is evil incarnate. A beast. The thing of nightmares. Hell on wheels. You get the idea. All I can say is: LET THE SWEEPING INTENSIFY!

5. The overall game mechanics and changes.


So much has changed. So much. Where to even begin. From the days of 8-bit sprites, Pokémon has continually evolved into a powerhouse through its stunning visuals as well as innovative mechanics. There are many to go over but I’ll pick out the main ones. First off, Rollerblades are a new form of transportation. It’s an interesting choice but who’s to say the bike hasn’t come back? Maybe the Rollerblades are a new form of the running shoes? Speaking of transportation, some Pokémon can be ridden in certain areas like Rhydon in mountainous regions or Gogoat in Cities. O Powers raise certain stats such as attack or the power to capture Pokémon like the Pass Power in Black and White 2. Another feature is Pokémon Bank and Transporter. Pokémon Transporter just lets you move Pokémon from  Black, White and BW2 to X and Y meaning anything Ruby and up can join you in the new gen. Pokémon Bank offers a service which lets you store up to a whopping 3,000 total amount of Pokémon. You can have your children enjoy the Pokémon you raised as a kid. But there is a downside. Anytime you decide to activate the Bank, you get 30 days until January 31st. Then you have to pay. $5…it’s too much folks…it’s too much….you all know I’m kidding right? Right.

With that said, what else could they have thrown in or would throw in? Maybe bring back the Pokewalker accessory or perhaps the have the  Pokémon follow you around? Maybe bring back some items or perhaps even a joint region like say Hoenn? I know I’m sure waiting for that remake and with this addition, it’ll look better than ever. Now Nintendo and Game Freak have set a new standard for their popular franchise. No long will you have to worry about spoilers about the game(unless you’re into that) or importing an early copy. Will Nintendo keep this trend going or will this be an on going this with this universe as well as the other spinoffs? All we can do is wait and find out but one thing is sure: This is a test so let’s be sure to pass it. Enjoy this sweeper to get you over.



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Hotline Miami – A baseball bat wrapped in cocaine, laced with teeth, and presented on an 8-bit platter.


A review by Jake Storey

I want to start this review by stating that I would like to believe myself to be, first and foremost in this world, a storyteller. I firmly believe that even since ancient times, a storyteller is the cornerstone of our society. Mankind tells his past with stories, his present with stories, and his future with stories. And I believe it’s all for the best seat by the fire. Figuratively, of course. So, since this review is a request from someone who enjoys my storytelling abilities, expect a certain grandeur that I believe is proper.

When I first heard of Hotline Miami, thoughts of old 80’s cop movies and shows filled my head along with A Flock Of Seagull’s ‘I Ran (So Far Away)’. Images of women in neon spandex workout gear and men in casual suits driving strange vehicles hopped up on coke and pop rocks are all I know of the 80’s.

And so I was pleasantly surprised when I learned that all of that was pretty much true. So, to actually discuss the game. Hotline Miami is an independent title, made by Dennaton Games. It’s currently on Steam for around $10 right now, and is well worth the price of admission. The gameplay is actually simple enough. It plays like a top down beat-em-up, like a combination of NES Metal Gear Solid and River City Ransom. Left Mouse to use items, Right Mouse to pick up/throw items, WASD to move. Space to finish downed enemies. Simple. Clean.

Beautiful. The controls are really tight, and very responsive. Locking is usually advised for bursting into a room and killing three guys at once, since every combat breaks out much in the way of scarface. Automatic guns, baseball bats, and bloodshed all within a matter of seconds. You COULD be boring and just gun everyone down and exploit the semi-shitty AI, or you could be awesome and throw a golf club in one guy’s face, run over to him, pick up his knife and stab him with it, burst into the hallway and throw your knife into a second guy’s face, pick up HIS gun, start shooting a bunch of guys, then kick in the door to another room, knock ANOTHER guy on his ass, then throw the empty gun away and use your bare hands to bash his skull into the floor. And you aren’t even finished with that level yet.

One may wonder why I didn’t discuss the story first. Usually with these types of things someone explains the story in a half assed way and you don’t know what the game is really about but you get a good gist. Not the case here. The story, if it can even be called that, is a string of events tied loosely together with mysterious messages left on the answering machine in your apartment. Is it one of those ‘story is left up to the player’ games, or is there a DEEP inner meaning to all of the shit going on? Is it the main character’s actual actions or are they symbolic? HOTLINE MIAMI DOESN’T GIVE A FUCK YOU KNOW WHAT IT GIVES YOU?

“Rubber animal masks that give you powers and sometimes talk to you.”, which is a pretty good way to sum it up.

Now, that’s not to say that the game is a complete clusterfuck of LOL RANDUMB XD chaos, this is chaos done right. It’s like you’re watching it through a coke-induced haze, which was all the rage back in the day. Drugs aren’t even featured predominantly in the game, it’s part of the backdrop, a seedy world of violence you and your chicken mask carve through.

I found myself enthralled with the backgrounds and wanting more out of the story. I scoured every level with all the fun new masks I was awarded with for killing guys in creative (or not so creative) ways, wondering what new animal with a funny name like Don Juan or Rasmus would show up next. And the minor detail of bodies not magically disappearing was nice too, so when I was finished with the level and walked back to my sweet ass Delorian with the digital phone built in (New Wave!) I could see the carnage like a scrapbook of violence.

Now, the game is no cakewalk. SEVERAL times I had to keep replaying a level because a stray dog I missed came out of nowhere and killed me, or I walked too far out and stepped into some burly russian dude’s FOV, but I kept trying and trying until I was a fluid motion, trying new ways and new paths. If you’re into that whole 100% completion thing or replaying a game in a different way, you’ll get some mileage out of this one.

The sound was crisp and detailed. I liked it. The music was wild and varied. I loved it. I keep going back to how much this felt like an 80’s drug haze. I’d like to think I was right. Right before a big gunfight or level it gets all tense, and the in between parts where you go through the protagonist’s head are wild and slow.

Hell, that pretty much shows the pace of the game. It jerks you back and forth between quiet and loud, bloody and peaceful, strange and normal.

Excellent packaging, a refreshing breaking of the mold, good music and sound, a story that you have to dig for, a decent price tag, and more. These are a few reasons Hotline Miami was enjoyable. I’m not going to praise it as a legendary game by any stretch, but I will say that if you have some cash to spare, do yourself a favor and pick it up. Fucking 8/10.

Under the circumstance I would have wrote this review in a much different way, going on about my experiences with it and probably taking it a lot more (or less I give two shits either way) seriously. But just like the game, there’s a secret here you have to dig for. Like the secret ending to the game you get from finding all the secret puzzle pieces.

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